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 We are continually surrounded by light, most ofTyranny Liberator Review  which we can't even see. What we know as "light" is really a form of energy comprised of individual units known as photons. These photons have wavelengths and these wavelengths determine a light's color. Only a small spectrum of light is visible to the human eye. The photons' wavelength frequency is the determining factor in its energy. For example, a photon with a high wavelength will have more energy than a photon with a lower wavelength. The best analogy to illustrate this concept is to imagine two snakes, one longer than the other, both crossing a hot highway. The longer snake can cross the road with longer strides due to its longer length. It has, essentially, a longer wavelength. However, in order for the shorter snake to move as quickly as the longer snake, it will need to "wiggle faster" because it is shorter. It can keep up, but it will have to exert a great deal more energy than the longer snake in order to do so. Remember that only a small portion of the light spectrum is visible to the human eye. At the low end of the visible light spectrum is blue light, which has a great deal of energy (high frequency). At the opposite end of the visible light spectrum is red with its lower energy (low frequency). Past the red, is an invisible portion of the light spectrum known as infrared, which is essentially radiated heat. A light's wavelength is important because scientists who are "light collectors" will selectively choose wavelengths best suited to convert into energy. A less able scientist might use infrared wavelengths, for example. A home's water heater powered by solar energy efficiently uses more of the color spectrum than, say, PV cells. However, recent improvements in PV cells use more of the color spectrum than PV cells of the past. These improvements allow for greater efficiency.  


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