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braid that I'm going to stock on top of it and I want this braid to peak through so once I've done that I'm releasing the hair on the top and I'm just braiding a regular Dutch braid so if you don't know how to braid a Dutch braid it's simply the same thing as a three strand braid but instead of crossing these side strands over the middle strand you want to cross the side strands under the middle strand once I finish braiding my Dutch braid I'm just taking the two braids at the ends and tying them together with a small hair elastic and then removing these small hair elastics that are  Tressurge keeping each individual braid together this way they meld together this is one of my favorite ways to wear my hair when I don't want to use any heat it's a classic French braid that can be created on natural hair or you can add some hair extensions to add a little length which is what I did if you're going to be using 


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