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[Url=https: //doznutrition.com/tressurge/]Tressurge[/ url] staff for filming with me and letting me be part of the big day and I think you guys are gonna love it I do want to tell you that we have a side camera angle for the trial footage because we use two camera angles and I lost one of them but it's still you get the whole idea you still get to get the whole process it's fine I just wanted to shout out that's what's going on there okay okay let's get into it so our actual consultation started months before the actual trial we were sending pictures back and forth we were talking and texting and because all the images that we were sending back and forth were kind of following the same vein I thought I had a really good idea of what stuff wanted going into it but obviously I wanted to hear her thoughts I definitely want to have my hair partly down okay how do you picture looking in the front I don't know okay that's where I come in we've got whimsy we've got effortless I know you've


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