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you guys my vegan keto staples the things that I consume on a regular basis to make sure that I I like to se Granite male enhancement e in this video is from Costco it's just a good way to like save money I like to eat as many hemp hearts as I can because it has like the Omega threes and the Omega 6s that you really want to get but for us like we can't eat salmon because obviously we don't eat meat so we don't have like ot Granite   her animal product versions that can get us the same nutrients so I really like having these and all of these are pretty healthy the good thing is that for pretty much any carb that you get and Hennessy no or flax seeds it's gonna have you equivalent amount of fiber so it almost completely cancels itself out which is good to know the next thing is just premium cocoa powder I use this to bake like any cookie I make or granola bar anything to just give it a bit of a chocolaty twist because Chris 

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