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In a nutshell, there are actually many ways to create the calorie KouTea shifting diet plan, but what Im teaching above is a rough guide for you to follow. Hope that you will have great success with your weight loss journey.After the phenomenal growth of diet colas, other weight loss drinks are emerging in the marketplace. These drinks make claims in weight reduction methods that range from suppressing the appetite to boosting metabolism and burning calories. These drinks are usually diet shakes, typically low in calories, with micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. They are sold to dieters as part of a liquid diet program or a meal replacement. 

 Medically supervised weight loss drinks are very helpful for the obese but not a long-term weight loss solution. A healthy balanced diet taken 5 to 6 times a day along with the drinks is considered more beneficial. Some of the most essential weight loss drinks are:Ice cold Water- since our body has to burn calories to heat cold water to our body temperature, ice cold-water everyday aids in the amount of calories you burn. Metabolism increases by 30% for every 2 extra glasses of water we drink.


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