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Keto Plus Pro UK Even foods like bacon, ice cream and chips should be present in the "diets" of those seeking weight loss, provided they are in moderation. Eat what you want, when you want, and watch the pounds disappear! " There are hundreds of restrictive diets that seek fast results, excluding important food groups like carbohydrates, or even drinking only fluids. But why does not this kind of diet work (at least in the long run)? Even the worst, most restrictive diets will probably result in weight loss, at least initially. But in the long run this weight loss is not sustained, and the person regains weight again. Make no mistake about losing weight by eating some magic food, pill or shake. What makes weight loss really happen is eating less calories than you spend making the best choices. Restrictive diets, crazy and unbalanced diets that advocate specific food consumption or the exclusion of a particular nutrient cause weight loss because they are basically low calorie diets. This type of diet becomes unrealistic, extremely difficult to follow on a daily basis, leading to great frustration and withdrawal from the diet. The feeling of failure can be the great trigger for returning to the unhealthy lifestyle that was taken before the diet. Fad diets not only fail to produce rapid weight loss, they can also lead to compulsion, weight gain, and discouragement for a healthier life. In other words, you get off to a restrictive diet. And when diets prohibit certain foods and dieters predict a life without their favorite treats, those diets often fail.


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