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, the next thing I always do while I still have wet hair is this Bed Head. It's called Volume Boosting Foam and used to be yellow, they've just recently changed the packaging to purple. I shake it up and I do a couple foamy squirts and I just take this and put it right in the crown of my head, right here. Like this. And then I am done. That's just gonna help give me some volume when I blow dry my hair or if I don't bow dry my hair just helps keep the volume and the lift in that part of my hair where Tressurge I want it. Normally, at this point if it were me I usually shower at night, so typically I would stop doing anything with my hair just twist it back into a ponytail like an elastic, even let it just open air dry and I would go to bed. So I don ' t mind sleeping with my hair wet and I prefer the sort of air dries instead of blow dry because it's less damaging. But, if you're a blow dryer or totally fine too. If I'm in a hurry or I'm doing everything in one day I definitely blow dry my hair. Even if I sleep with my hair open, it still is damp in the morning so I have to like just take a blow-dryer to just touch it really fast and just dry like the very roots that might 


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